“I joined BSCF just under 2 years ago and it has made a huge difference in my life. Workouts are scaled to my fitness level and there is a real community atmosphere, everyone is positive and supportive. The coaches give you real one to one support and tailor workouts to suit you. They also provide support and encouragement with nutrition and make you feel at home in the gym. I have found that I carry the gym ethos into my own life at times and when I’m having a bad day, I can hear the voices of the coaches saying, “one more rep”.”
"After lifting normal weights for years I was put in touch with Ollie and Graeme and they had me doing Olympic lifts and compound movements I had never done before. They walked me through every movement with easy-to-follow progressions and scaling options where needed. After only a few weeks I was fitter than I’ve ever been. Plus my shape has changed drastically too."
"I had a period of 5 months off work due to a back injury. When I was back on my feet, I set off in search of something to strengthen my back and so I was introduced to Black Stag through a family member. I have never stuck to any gyms before because they’ve always bored me and actually, I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. My first class I was very nervous however I really shouldn’t have been worried. The boys who own it are worth their weight in gold, they always have an eye on you in classes, helping you with your form and offering helpful hints and tips. They have provided me with nutritional advice to go alongside my newfound love for this gym. They always provide support and encouragement and never make you feel silly for asking questions. I feel this individual support has been what has encouraged me to stay. There is a lovely sense of community within the gym and I’m so very glad I found them."
“Black Stag is not only a gym but a community too. I was really nervous before joining as I had never stepped foot in a gym before and felt really self-conscious. Ollie and Graeme were both so welcoming and encouraging, they put me at ease and adapted workouts for me to begin with. Their hearts are really in it, and they are so positive! Not only are the coaches fab but there is a great feel to the gym and all the people who train there are so friendly. I have met some amazing people from my time at Black Stag and I am super glad I joined when I did. The new coaches Lewis and Elyn are also brilliant at what they do, and they explain everything so well. If you are reading this, don’t think twice about it – sign up and I promise you won’t regret it.”
“Black Stag has been a total game changer for body and mind for me. All the coaches are very approachable and help you develop individually. I always feel welcome and motivated. They have made the past year so much easier. So much love for Black Stag."
“Joining BS has been the best decision I’ve made for my health and fitness, the support from the coaches and the other members is amazing… great atmosphere. Love it when I’m there, miss it when I’m not there.”
- Alan
“Graeme and Ollie will make you feel like part of the family from your first step in the door. Would highly recommend BSCF to anyone looking for a great community and a great workout. It’ll be the best part of your day.”
- Lauren


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