Our mission is to get as many people moving to the best of their ability as possible.

To positively influence through our simple and highly effective methodology. 

These times have shown us the importance of daily movement and good nutritional practices and it is our aim to pass this message on to as many people as we can and show that the fitness industry should be at the forefront fighting the current health crisis.


We are a community based functional fitness gym located in the South of Glasgow. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or someone who has never stepped foot in a gym, our classes are for you!

Everything we do is broken down from the very bottom up, so no matter where you are in your fitness journey, there is something for you here at Black Stag.

No two days are the same here so you will be challenged daily, both mentally and physically, however you will soon find a new confidence in yourself and in your fitness, backed up by the high five’s, fist bumps and unmatched supportiveness of our amazing community. 

Opened in April 2019 when owners Ollie and Graeme took the leap and left the British Army after both serving for 7 years. Health and fitness is a massive passion of ours and our aim is to positively affect as many people as possible through good quality movement and nutrition.

From our time in the military, we have seen just how effective and lifesaving the combination of functional movements and good nutritional habits can be, so it is our goal to pass this knowledge and experience on to as many people as we possibly can. 



Graeme has always been very passionate about staying fit and healthy from a young age, predominantly in the form of football. Joining the British Army at 19 and serving 7 years, his eyes were opened, and his horizons broadened by the many other methods of fitness used by his fellow infantrymen, discovering his love of functional fitness in this time. In 2018 during their tour of Iraq, Graeme and Ollie trained together almost daily, using the same methodology we see in the gym today. This was around the time they both decided they wanted to pursue their passion and open their own gym. Fast forward to 2019 and after gaining their CrossFit Level 1 and Level 3 Personal Trainer qualifications, Black Stag was born.

What is your favourite movement?

Burpee box jump over – Simple, brutal elegance.


Fitness has always been a massive part of Ollie’s life. From the age of 7 Ollie has participated in high level swimming as well as surfing. At 19 years old Ollie joined the British Army where he served for 7 years as an Army Physical Training Instructor. One of his lifelong dreams was to own his own gym and he decided to take action and made the move with business partner and life long friend Graeme. In April 2019 his dream became reality when the Black Stag doors opened for the very first time. One of Ollie’s favourite mottos is “#NOEXCUSES”, which you’ll find imprinted proudly on the wall within the gym.

What is your favourite movement?

It has to be the Snatch. There is so much skill and flexibility involved that when you don’t hit it right it will literally chew you up and spit you out.


I have always been an active individual. Initially competitive swimming, through to hockey, football, cricket then found a passion for basketball where I played competitively for 4 years. A brief stint travelling found me working in a studio gym in Auckland, NZ in 2019 and I found a real love for training. From then I decided I wanted to become a personal trainer full time. Since then I have been hooked on how training and leading a healthier lifestyle can really transform someone’s life. Helping people achieve their goals inside the gym and out is so rewarding as a coach. In 2021 I started learning Olympic lifting and started my journey in functional fitness. I’ve never looked back!

What is your favourite movement?

The Clean. Its a technical lift that requires power and precision.


Leading an active life has always been so important to my general well-being; mental and physical. From the age of around 7 I’ve taken part in competitive sport with the majority of my background lying in athletics and shinty however I’ve trained in a wide variety of sports. Prior to university I worked full time for an Olympian in the equestrian industry. In 2018 I began coaching fitness classes for my shinty team at university before becoming captain of the club and then being selected as vice captain for the international Scottish universities team. The whole experience cemented my love for helping others get active and learn how to enjoy building strength and fitness so when I discovered CrossFit I knew it was the community for me. Currently I’m training hard to reach elite level for functional fitness competitions.

What is your favourite movement?

It’s got to be thrusters, the ultimate test of how bad do you want it.



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